Brief Description

I have been in love with hardcore sex for a long time, so long, in fact, that I have spent most of my time searching for people who would be willing to go with me and be adventurous when it comes to sex and love. So, that is why I was extremely happy to find Alt where people like me have their profiles and are willing to meet with each other, both online and in person, should it go down a more serious road.

Site Specifics

The site is very friendly to us, users, in such a way that once you join, there is a lot to see, and most of it will not distract you from the content, that is, the profiles of the people on the site. The home page will get you where you need to be, yet it will show you some nice rope action and mistress and master action on the giant slider at the center of the page. The registration form will be floating to your right, and you could join with a few simple clicks, for free, of course. So, meeting new people becomes quite easy with the many sorting options, along with some other things like a search bar, and the preference sorting, which shows you the people who are into things that you are. The site is also helpful because it has no lag, so surfing on it is pure pleasure. It is also available on mobile devices, so you can see your kinky friend from your bed.

Models and Videos

It is nice to have a community for us kinky people, where all the ropes and all the pinching devices meet, to have themselves a chat about boobs, pussies, piercings, biting, tying up, and everything else that kinky people talk about. If your expectancy is high for these people, well, you would be right, simply because it is the social network designed specifically for those of a more intense nature, who have a love for the hardcore, so that they can have themselves a place they would turn to in the night, when others are doing softcore things. Yes, it is not uncommon to see photos and videos on the profiles of the people here, and those would be depicting some seriously kinky action, all with the idea of attracting people who have similar ideas and preferences. So lose not a second more, as you could find your new friend to talk to. Yes, chatting is an option, but so is video chatting, where fun gets a new definition, one that includes pinching of the boobs, pulling on piercings, and other hardcore things that you could think of and would love to see. I chatted with some really hardcore people, and got myself new friends to talk to deep in the night. Mutual orgasms are just the beginning, when it comes to the chat. Meeting the new people in person, however, opens up a whole new world to explore, and all thanks to Alt, which is there for us hardcore fans. I would recommend this to everyone who has trouble finding his or her soul mate when it comes to the kinky stuff.


Do not hang your ropes and pinch machines yet, nor your whips and other stuff used in hardcore pleasuring. Yes, Alt is there to make us kinky people meet and greet with each other, and in a way that is free and very pleasurable for all of us. With a very user friendly interface and a swift response time, along with the options of video chat, this becomes quite the paradise for the hardcore lovers.


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