ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Brief Description

I had an argument the other day with one of my friends about porn and porn websites. According to me, there are just too many porn websites and many do not deliver as promised. My friend was sure that it was because I had been working on the wrong sites. I was not convinced because I have been around on porn sites awhile. The worst experience I have had was on a girls’ nude website where I was fed some crap content. In a bid to convince me that there are still some very good sites, my friend proposed I visit alsscan. According to him, I was going to change my impression about porn online after visiting this site. Eager to prove my friend wrong, I hurried to the site. As I entered the site, my first thoughts were not bad. At least, they managed to take the time to make their website look attractive. That was definitely a plus for them. I walked my way around trying to get a feel of the website and to understand their niche. Meanwhile, there was something on my mind all the time; what was the meaning of alsscan. I tried researching a bit and found out als meant all ladies shaved. As for the scan, it probably was self-explanatory. This means that this site was scanning the activities of all ladies shaved. This also meant that I was not to hope to see any hurry bush. At least, I didn’t mind that as I like them clean shaven. It was also pretty amazing to find that there was a site like this that had been around for quite a while. I was amazed that they had content right from the year 2006; there are not many of them around. Even from the early days when they started producing content, they had always had a flare for quality. While the old videos may not be of the best quality by today’s standard, they are still better than some of the content you find on some sites today. Browsing through this website is absolutely fun and anyone who decides to join this site will not regret their investment. It doesn’t take much effort to register. If you have a valid credit or debit card you can click on the join tab to get to the registration page. On this page, you will be asked to fill in your personal details and choose a username and password. Once the payment goes through, you should be able to access the site as a member. As you go about your activity on this site, there is no need to worry about your security or your safety. The website has put in place adequate security and safety measures to make sure that the personal details of its members are not compromised and members’ activity on the site are kept discrete.

Site Specifics

The website of alsscan is elegant and easy to use. The website does not have the usual main menu tabs on its home page but it is still possible to navigate through the site with ease. Once you are on the site, you will find a copy of text and picture links that help you browse with ease. From the home page, you are presented with links to the latest update on the site. You can click on any of the latest updates to watch a preview of what is going on in the video. Those who are interested in browsing through the archive of videos on the site can do so by clicking on the grey text link found to the right corner of the page just above the latest update section. By clicking on models, you will be taken to the models page where you can choose a model you like and watch their videos. Once you click on any particular model, you will be presented with all the videos they feature in. To make the site more user-friendly, there is a search box that can be used to locate content. For most people, it is time wasting going through hundreds of pages just to find a particular video or model. The search function allows you to input what you are looking for and you will be presented with results related to the search term. Even better is the advanced search that permits a user to specify in detail what they want. This helps ensure that only relevant search results come up in the search. Members will definitely love the director’s blog that carries some insider information on planned videos, new models and also information on some of the member’s favourite models.

Models and Videos

On this site, you will find beautiful and well-groomed models but they are not professional pornstars. The models on this site are real amateurs. They could even be the girl next door. While they are not porn stars per se, they are good. They present some very convincing acts. You just have to love the videos with the girls going nude and ending up with objects in their pussies. They are great at masturbation and the way they play with themselves will leave you no option than to join in the act. There is no way you are going to watch any of the videos on this site without having a raging hard-on. In one video titled “partygirls”, Blue Angel, Tarner and Stacey are having a cool time. You just have to love the chemistry between Tarner and Stacey. There is a scene where Tarner is licking Stacey’s butt that was really cool. Then there is the scene where Tarner jumped into the pool behind Blue Angel and started licking her from behind.


It is not every day that you come across a great site like alsscan and when you do, you have to make the most of it. My friend was right, after all, alsscan is different from the others. This site has some of the best content on nudity and masturbation that you can ever hope to find on online. It is a great site when you just want to relax and watch others pleasure themselves.


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