About Girls Love

About Girls Love

Brief Description

Do you belong to the list of men who love watching amateur girls really getting it on? Then, join the club. We belong to that too. There is just something about amateur girl’s porn that makes our cocks go from flaccid to rock hard in a matter of seconds. Their bodies seem so gentle and their non-fucked pussies make us really want to pound that tight hole all night long. And let us not forget how eager and horny they are to use all that sexy assets for the very first time. Freshness really gets them going in bed. But there is something more than that. How about when these amateur sluts are also experimenting with their sexuality? It makes the whole thing a whole lot sexier. Just to watch them go at it with another woman and suck those perky tits while fingering each other’s wet pussies really helps us jizz instantly.

So, there are a lot of men who love watching porn with women getting pounded by some hard cock. But there are also quite a few men who just despise the sight of cocks in their porn videos. They say that it is an instant turn off to watch a man in their porn. And they do not like a cock in it. So, these guys rely on the classic lesbian website out there to have themselves some sexy time with themselves. It does always surprise us when a guy says that he is not into girl on girl porn. It is hard to believe that a man would not enjoy more than one woman getting in on in the porn videos.

So, what do you do if you are amongst those guys who love themselves some lesbian porn? And not just lesbian porn but also lesbian porn with amateur girls starring in it? Then all you should do is to head to AboutGirlsLove right away. This website, as it says, is all about what girls love. These girls are cute, they are amateur, and can really turn up the volume. And there are videos of all kinds on this website. You will find your classic one on one girl action to a little scandalous threesome and foursomes and even some intense and wild orgies in it too. We are certain that you must be quite intrigued right now. We suggest that you continue reading this review further.

Site Specifics

All that we must say about this website in a nut shell is that it is just a brilliant website. These guys really worked hard to achieve what they wanted. We love how awesome this website looks right at the first glance and not just that, this website also looks very trendy and has kept up with the times rather well. As you know that this website is about lesbians who are basically amateur, they have managed to make a theme that complements that very well. The entire website is designed in such a way that it looks like a sexy girl’s notebook. We love the fresh feel that website has. That is its main essence and we really loved it. And they have made sure that they have followed this goal right down to the T.

Just to make sure that the viewers receive nothing but the best quality of the website, layout, and service, they have splurged quite a large amount of money to ensure that these guys hire the best set of designers. They had quite a clear idea in their minds before they created this porn site and when they completed it they have managed to achieve it very well. To speak about the font that they have used, it is simply fabulous, they have used the very famous and cute font, Comic Sans. If you are aware of this font, then you would know how cute this font is and how gentle looking it is too. And not just the font is great, so are the colors. Which are light green and pink. We know what you are thinking, that this is an unusual combination, but trust us, it looks brilliant. We have zero complaints about the website and are sure you will adore it.

Models and Videos

The most anticipated part of this review has arrived, we shall now start talking about the girls that AboutGirlsLove has got to offer. You will hit the jackpot once you see the line up of girls that these guys have on their website. Everyone of these girls is an amateur. They are all curious and so damn horny, that they want to go at it right at the very first second. These girls have the sexiest bodies you could ever imagine. Their boobs are the perkiest of all and pussies so tight and virgin that you would want to bang that bitch all night long. Some of these bitches begin all shy, but when they get comfortable, they get all wild and crazy. So, let us assume if you are in a mood for a threesome. Just hit search for that and you will find some beautiful bitches really getting down and dirty, just for you. And that is not all, whatever lesbian porn you long for, you will find it here. No need to go to any website anymore.

So, you will find over 60 porn movies on this website. All these can either be watched online through the embedded flash player or can be downloaded to your device in WMV format. There are multiple qualities of videos to choose from and the highest being 1280 x 720 @ 4096 kbps. There are 60 photo sets on this website and each set carries about 140 pictures. All these too can be viewed online or can be downloaded in a ZIP format.


You will absolutely love what AboutGirlsLove has got in store for you. Just by looking at the list of girls they have on their website mixed with their perfect service, it will feel like you have hit the jackpot when you sign up to them. Sign up now and you will be given access to over 30 porn websites. Awesome right! So, don’t waste more time and subscribe now.


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