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3D Kink

Brief Description

In the world of porn, there has been a lot of variety of porn emerging every year. From live cams to even fucking the fans. But in all these unique idea, this porn site that I’m about to show you may just be the Oscars of all unique ideas. I mean it. Nothing in my entire life as a porn watcher, have I ever seen an idea such as the one that 3Dkink is about to invite to their audience. Have you ever dreamed of seeing porn exactly as you wanted it? No, I don’t mean the type where you just hope it would be like you wanted it, or even something close to what you wanted. What I meant is “exactly” as you wanted it. Every move, every hardcore push, every location, even the very color of their hair and eyes. That’s what’s missing right now in porn. Giving the audience some spot on specific porn videos.

Well that’s what 3Dkink website is about to give you. In here, you won’t be spending almost 90% of your time trying to find that video that has the scenes that you picture out in your mind. Say goodbye to those long hours searching the internet for some Hardcore missionaries. Because in here, you’ll have the chance to direct your own porn video using your very own 3D sexy girls, of which you have created with your own hands. I know it sounds crazy. Impossible even, but after a few playthroughs and jerking off by the members, I can confirm that the rumor is true. 3Dkink is the first of its kind to give users some high-quality 3D sex that suits exactly what they want. Now why don’t we learn more about how we can make that happen. Today we’re going to have a review on 3Dkink!

Site Specifics

Good news to RPG gamers and Sims players out there because now you won’t have to go through the tutorial session. Yup, you heard that right. The customization is easily comparable to the RPG or other games you might have played through. But if you haven’t played a single RPG game in your life, you might try to consider having a quick tutorial first in their tutorial link. It’s a really short video so that won’t take much of your time. Moving on, here we have is the tools of the trade. You’ve got here the hair colors, hair styles, Body shape, butt shape, voice, vagina, costumes, sex toys, locations, number of sex slaves, breast size, breast shape, Breast level, Breast lift up, Breast rotate, Breast spacing, Nipple preference, Pubic Hair style, Eye Color, Nose, and Face shape.

Now these are all unique stuff. Each single component in here will greatly affect the woman in the long run. Now think about this. Creating different sex slaves, wearing different costumes, with different hair styles and sexy eyes and body shapes, all reacting differently on the things you want them to do and on what you do to them. That’s just freaking awesome and crazy man. I don’t even know where to start once I start editing because of all the possible things I could do to her and what she could do to me! Now let’s say you’re done creating her and all that. What you should be able to do next is to bring her where you want the magic to happen. Now you can go full artist and craft your own place, or you can just go ahead and choose from one of their pre-rendered, and by pre-rendered, I meant, already made for you. These places are just awesome and exciting with plenty of objects laying around and sex toys as well. Some of these places include dungeons, castle rooms, volcanos, beaches and many more! It’s something you could really enjoy!

Now after all that, of course you would have probably finished jerking off by now. But once those are all done, you’ll be hungering for something else now, you’ll be hungering for a community. And that’s one of the best things here because in the forums page you can actually share your works to the community and even have the developers themselves impressed by you! But of course, in everything there is always room for improvement. If you feel like giving suggestions, you are free to do so as well and once you see the new update log, you might be surprised to see how the developers take good notice of their member’s concerns! Oh, I almost forgot, you also have the option to play 3D fetish games with your girl! That’s right! there are a number of games here and you get to use your girl to play with them, I should also tell you that most of these games are really hot and arousing. I won’t be surprised to see most members jerking off just by seeing their 3D girl playing a buffalo game.

Models and Videos

Now the voice acting is hands down, amazing okay. The girls they probably hired to do the voice acting were legit porn stars or were just touching themselves behind the camera because there is no way that I’m believing that these girls weren’t thinking something dirty while speaking to the mic okay. The animations are highly impressive. The graphics are way up there with final fantasy and other stuff. The lighting, the physics and rendering of the 3D are very realistic yet 3D at the same time. So there’s nothing bad I can say about that.


When you think about it, 3Dkink pretty much have it all. Except for the realness of it, but that’s one of its good points as well. Seeing 3D girls getting fucked or fucking each other really touches your balls in a new kind of way. So I would truly recommend this site to any hardcore porn lover or hentai lover out there. This site is the bomb and if you’re looking to create your own porn. This site is a good place to start!


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