Brief Description

21naturals is a paid site that offers hundreds of videos of natural innocent sexual encounters with natural, innocent, beautiful girls. Maybe you’d like to see a dripping wet girl taking a swim just to get out of the pool and get wet all over again. Maybe some action on the countertop in front of the window so easy to get caught but so hard to stop. Maybe you like to see a girl use her beautiful delicate feet to bring a man to pleasure. 21naturals has all this and more just waiting. The site is updated daily so that there will always be new and different photos and videos at your fingertips not to mention exclusive content as well. Better yet there is no need to fear having to wade through way too many ads to get to the good stuff, this page is videos wall to wall. Compelling angles of tasteful yet irresistible sex makes this site an absolute go to for a satisfying experience.

Site Specifics

As I mentioned it is a very big plus that this site is literally wall to wall videos. There are not a lot of ads getting in the way of what you really came for. The look of the page is clean and simple just like the videos there is a certain amount of simplicity and innocence about the whole feel of the site. All the videos are HD and the quality shows. Best of all it doesn’t matter if you’re on the pc, laptop, cell phone, or tablet. The content on 21naturals is available to you. The site is fully accessible from whatever internet connected device is the most available and handy for your use. 21naturals offers top of the line videos for those seeking a look at innocent natural girls in action. In comparison to other sites there are no giant penises popping up all over the place. There aren’t any ads that promise you your erection can grow six inches in length. You won’t find annoying chat boxes telling you horny singles are waiting to chat you up. This site is packed with the videos you want and none of the other hassle to wade through to get to them. The look and feel are impressive features that make finding the right video a pleasurable experience.

Models and Videos

So many times big name porn stars look like just what they are; porn stars. They are flashy and exaggerated. Their boobs are too big, their nails are meant for injury, and they appear to never take off those strappy shoes with the six inch heels. On the other hand so many amateur videos are filled with ladies that are not quite sure what they’re doing, they look at the camera as though they are seducing the object itself and their fake cries of pleasure just aren’t quite convincing enough. But on 21naturals you won’t find them all. It’s as though you are getting a peek into the bedroom of any normal, beautiful, natural girl that you might pass on the street. These girls are true natural beauties having good sex. They don’t need props or shocks they are quality videos depicting the kind of sex you might have on a Thursday afternoon with your girlfriend. They leave you feeling good, they leave you feeling satisfied. Out of the hundreds of videos on the site you get such compelling titles as “Slippery Soles”, “Wordless”, and “The Cutest of them All.” Amongst these videos there are quite a few that promises some great foot action if that gets you excited and if it doesn’t there are still so many to choose from. Find oral, anal, penetration, gentle sex or something a bit more urgent. You’d be hard pressed to look at all the videos on this site and not find something that turns out to be exactly what you’re looking for.


Overall this site offers natural, beautiful sex with natural, beautiful, innocent women that love sex. The videos are top HD quality, the format is simple and easy and there’s none of that stuff to wade through that leaves you too tired out to enjoy the video you want to see. The women look like any girl that you might see and think ‘wow she’s beautiful’ you may be able to easily see yourself enjoying a romantic date and then a night of hot satisfying sex with any one of these women. The site is a straightforward ticket to all the pleasurable things you want to see from natural innocent beauties. This is a really great site to sign up for. Within the hundreds of videos here you are sure to find your pleasure time and time again. There are hours and hours of entertainment and pleasure waiting on 21naturals. These videos of beautiful girls are waiting to be your fantasy. They are waiting to give you a helping hand into the erotic experience you desire. I was impressed and easily won over by the accuracy of what the site promises. 21naturals promises its members the beauty of innocence and it delivers just that with a multitude of videos to choose from. There’s enough videos of these natural beauties to satisfy you for a long time and when you’ve savored all the current videos you’ll find that there are always more coming your way as the video adds come daily. In my opinion 21naturals offers an excellently large sampling of natural videos that highlight the pleasure of sex in the most erotic and compelling of ways. Subscribing to 21naturals should be a great experience for anyone looking for natural beauties enjoying really good sex. 21naturals is a pleasure chest of erotic satisfaction.


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