Brief Description

18Interracial is all about big black cocks going in every hole of a horny fresh white girl. “Jam packed” is the right term, with these girls getting stuffed full of so much dick and cum it will be surprising if they are able to walk afterwards. With the finest interracial content the site specializes on anything black on white.

Site Specifics

In terms of appearance the site has a lot going on. On the home page is a fantastic banner of a girl sucking on what seems to be an elephant trunk at first. Then further down there is a short introduction video and further below a collection of the scenes available on the site. Each scene has information on who is in it, the length of the video and also the number of photos from that shoot as well as a little byline teaser. The color theme is a pretty cute and innocent blue and pink, which really does belie the true dirtiness contained within this site. The basic theme give the page an open feel and they then place a wallpaper on the background as well. Navigation works simply and there are pages for home, scenes, the affiliated network, members and signing up. These links are responsive and take you where you’d expect without any problems. The mobile presentation of the site is also well constructed as it loads to the right length of my device and the videos load without any issues.

Models and Videos

There is real mixture on this site. Not just in the colors of the cast, but also in the skill, appearance and desire of those on camera. The girls are generally incredibly beautiful but sometimes lacking in experience, as you would expect for some porn actresses, just getting their first gig in the porn industry and already nearly getting broken in two by a black man’s cock. There is definitely a big market for fresh blond actresses as they feature prevalently on the site. They certainly make the most of big black cocks though, with threesomes, deep throating, spit-roasting, facials and anal. As long as they can take it deep and hard, they’ll make a scene of it. I’d like to say they are mostly amateurs, they certainly have that feel about them and with the age that is what I’d expect. From what I have seen it is hard to tell if the scenes are actually shot in HD or if they are older Standard Definition movies. The quality is variable at times and while one video looks expertly shot the next may look a little more home made. This doesn’t detract too much though as that homely, authentic feel might be what you are really looking for! There are at least 100 videos on the site, averaging between 25 and 35 minutes. Each of the videos is then accompanied by a photo shoot and depending on the number of girls in the scene there can be up to 100 photos for each. Membership plans are pretty standardly priced, ranging from 1 day to 1 year contract lengths. These are then given extra value as the membership plan gives you bonus access to the Filth Freaks network of niche sites, for free!.


It’s not hard to understand why seeing a little white minx sucking hard on a 10 inch black cock, is worth your time and effort. The site is filled with so much content it will be possible to get a lot of re-visits without covering new things. If you can get over the sickly sweet décor, you should find yourself right at home here.


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This site no longer exists, we suggest you visit: DOGFART NETWORK