Brief Description

The 18AndNastyGirls is a juicy portal, and if you are looking for hardcore porn, but you don’t want to go full mainstream, you will certainly enjoy this compilation, and the sexy extras the membership grants. This site is eight years old, however the videos may be somewhat older than that. As far as we could tell from the content dates, the 18AndNastyGirls is an archive, rather than a living site. The last videos were added during 2012, so unfortunately, it looks like that after four years of operation, the site stopped updating. However, there is always something good in being a member of an outdated porn site too. This spectacular page for example is part of the LordsOfPorn network, and by joining it, you gain access to all 15 sites (series) of it. There are sites in this circle which are focusing on ethnicities, so you can expect to find portals with Blacks, Asian and Latinas. If you are someone who likes MILFs too, the membership grants you access to that kind of porn too, so you will be able to fulfill your needs. There is a series, called WhoreLore, which is a nice fantasy-related porn videos, offering you hardcore version of stories like ‘Conan, the barbarian’, here he is called Bonan. The access to the network is a great thing, but we have to be honest with you. The whole network is an archive. There are no new videos coming in, and according to the videos age, you get here mostly SD videos. What we recommend is that you may join if you are interested, but use your time to save whatever you like, and when it’s time, leave the site. This is the best you can get from your membership… and a whole lot of good porn videos.

Site Specifics

The 18AndNastyGirls has a very simple tour page. There is a banner with a video embedded into it. We found it a bit uncomfortable that the video starts to play as soon as the site loads, but since there isn’t much to during the tour, you should watch it or stop it. The rest of the page features the latest network updates and list of the site’s videos. When you are done with looking at the pictures and reading descriptions, you should go for the join section, if you like what you see of course. In case you log in, you will see that the 18AndNastyGirls has a basic, but really nice built. There are menus and lots of navigation tools. We were happy to see this template, because apart from the good menu options, it features an advanced search engine too. Apart from the search and the content menus, you can also access the models’ profile page. Saving or playing the videos? The decision is totally up to you, but since the downloadable files are just a bit better than the streamed ones, we would say that you should first watch the scenes. The player has some good features too, like viewing the videos as clips. You can browse the picture galleries too, and there are some very good quality photos in there, so check it, and save the zip of the galleries you like.

Models and Videos

On the 18AndNastyGirls you can find a really large collection of porn videos, which feature a whole lot of cute girls performing sexy and outrageous acts. The movies here are not the newest ones, but they feature girls you can find only here, newbies who never made it to the top, but they were having a really good fuck. As we started to explore the collection of the 18AndNastyGirls, we notice that it has really many ethnic girls. Just because of this, the site is a recommended one, even though it’s no updating anymore. The Black girls here are many, and they are all cute: natural body, different appearance and some really great booty to shake. Naturally, you can find here lots of Caucasians too, and by their looks, they are really fitting into the age depicted by the site’s name. Most of the models of the 18AndNastyGirls are natural beauties, and though they are semi-professionals mostly, they put on an excellent show for you. The best thing about the 18AndNastyGirls is that the models are not oh-so-perfect ones. There are chicks with an average face, or an average body with a bit more fat on it than you would expect. This ensures another level of variety, but every girl is one that you would like to fuck too. Though the videos are studio productions, they are not scripted. There is something that leads to the actual intercourse, but the dialogues are short, even can be considered as non-existent, and the girls get on with the sex really quickly. The movies could be watched as amateur scenes, because they all give a feeling that they are home-made stuff. The sex in these videos is dirty. It’s not the overplayed mainstream bullshit the big studios produce. Thought it’s outdated, the videos have that nasty magic that the porn scenes of the early 2000’s and late 90’s have. The movies of the 18AndNastyGirls are telling the story of how girls like to fuck, and they do it in a nice way. As far as the actual sex is concerned, it’s vanilla hardcore. The girls suck, get licked and then they get their sweet wet pussy drilled hard. In a few occasions there is some ass-play, but the majority of the videos feature plain sex. Also, there are many scenes with interracial sex, White guys banging Black cuties, and that’s probably the heaviest thing you can find on this site.


We loved the 18AndNastyGirls, even though it’s a frozen portal. There might be no updates coming, but the scenes you can watch here are hot, and you can’t really see them anywhere else. Some may frown on the fact that the whole network is at a stop, but this archive has a lot for you to enjoy, and with the exclusive content it’s heartily recommended.


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